LIVE: Hackers Reveal DEADLY Jab Lot Numbers, HORRIFIC Pfizer Teen Trial Data and MORE!

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Dr. Jane Ruby discusses the data about the tainted Covid vaccines which are STILL in circulation throughout the country, putting exponentially more lives at risk.

Recently on this show Dr. Jane Ruby came on and gave us the remarkable information that a huge percentage of side effects tracked in the CDC’s VAERS database are linked to just a small percentage of the vaccine batches produced by Pfizer and Moderna. This data came from a group calling itself Team Enigma. They’re a group of independent researchers with experience in medical R&D, statistics, data analytics, and everything else you’d need to investigate a vaccine’s impact on millions of people. A lot of Team Enigma is anonymous but thankfully one of their number has agreed to speak publicly. Sasha Latypova joins us to discuss.

Deanna Lorraine discusses the horrifying details about child and teen mortality from the bioweapon clot-shot being forced on minors through propaganda and tyrannical laws.

Todd Coconato is a pastor and head of Todd Coconato Ministries based in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s also president of the Religious Liberties Coalition, and founder of Remnant News, a Christian news outlet. He’s also been a prominent voice against President Biden’s federal vaccine mandate.

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