10. Nehemia Gordon's "10 Rabbis", Cabbalism and the Origin of the Vowel Points (Part B)

2 years ago

In Part A of this study we saw that Nehemia Gordon's earliest "Jewish source" for the pronunciation "Yehovah" is the Kabbalistic 'Bible', the Zohar. We learned that the Zohar is not a 'kosher' Jewish source, but rather a fraudulent, blasphemous, occult book of mysticism and myth!

In Video 10, Justin continues this study and shows why the remaining 10 (of the 16) Rabbis also professed that "Yehovah" is supposedly a sacred pronunciation of the Name. The reason being that they were all influenced by Kabbalah mysticism which comes from the above-mentioned Zohar. 

He also shows that some of these Rabbis taught bald faced lies in a desperate attempt to prove that the Name is Yehovah. Sadly, Nehemia Gordon enthusiastically uses these lies to further his campaign for the "Yehovah" pronunciation.

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