The Thought Leader on Mass Formation, Mattias Desmet, Explains the Details of the Phenomenon and How to Disrupt It

2 years ago

Mass Formation Is a Phenomenon That Is Provoked by the Voice of a Leader (“Experts”)

"They are so fanatically convinced that their ideology is what will save the world that they feel that it is justified to manipulate a little bit, to lie a little bit."

A portion of the population strongly buys into the narrative, no matter how absurd it may become, because the measures they participate in serve as a ritual and a symbol of their sacrifice to the collective, thus giving them a social purpose.

Words are contagious, leading people to think, act, and speak the same way.

The higher the level of education, the more vulnerable people are to mass formation, citing their high regard for social status as a possible explanation as to why they conform to the mainstream narrative.

It is critically important to practice Parrhesia, the courage to speak the truth.

"[The person who tries to reveal knowledge that is in conflict with the mainstream narrative puts themselves at risk], but if there are no such people anymore, society cannot function."

Prescription for Disrupting Mass Formation Psychosis:

-Continue to speak out
-Gather with like-minded people in person
-Construct an alternative solution to a "new normal," because the old normal made people sensitive to mass formation to begin with
-Resist in a non-violent manner

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