Great campaign from El Salvador encouraging population to live healthy, become resilient to COVID

1 year ago

The government of El Salvador has made a excellent short campaign objectively informing them about risk factors and encouraging them to live a more healthy lifestyle and have a more healthy diet and environment. They inform with concrete, simple, free, easy steps they can take to immediately improve their resilience against any kind of disease, including COVID.

This makes an enormous difference, as we know without any doubt that those with (morbid) obesity and chronic lifestyle disease (diabetes 2, high blood pressure, cardiovascular conditions) are at huge increased risk of any disease, including COVID.

Has your government also launched a campaign that is anything like this? I know 'my' government (Netherlands), has done exactly the OPPOSITE. (I don't consider the Dutch government to represent the best interests of the population, so I don't consider them to be MY government.)

Instead of encouraging people to get exercise, they prohibit all indoor and organized sports during the lockdown.
Instead of encouraging people to get fresh air, they tell them to stay inside.
Instead of encouraging people to go out in the sun (which leads to healthy vitamin D blood levels among other desirable things), they tell them to stay inside.
Instead of encouraging adequate ventilation, they laugh at ventilation.
They say nothing about a healthy diet, lifestyle, alcohol, smoking, et cetera.
Instead of reducing stress, they run a massive fear porn campaign and choose a policy that leads to more social isolation and societal split (e.g. vaxxed vs. unvaxxed, pro-lockdown vs. anti-lockdown).

In summary, their whole policy has the effect of transporting people to a HIGHER risk group, instead of a LOWER risk group, which would be the policy if they really cared about public health.

The Dutch government is running a huge propaganda campaign about getting vaxxed/boostered. (Some countries like the U.S., are even handing out donuts are a reward for getting vaxxed. That's doubly bad.) Then there are also campaigns about mass testing, social distancing, quarantine, face masks, et cetera.

If the COVID statistics are improving, the government implies it's due to their great policy. If the COVID statistics are worsening, they say it's because the population doesn't do what they say. They never show doubt about whether their policies are having any effect at all, or whether they might even be counterproductive.

They never talk about natural immunity and do everything in their power to stop early treatment, even threatening doctors who provide early treatment with a fine of up to US$180 000.

Of course we can never know what the policy makers are thinking and discussing behind closed doors, but here are some facts:
* Mass testing is extremely profitable
* Mass vaccination is extremely profitable
* Ultra processed food is extremely profitable
* Having a sick population is extremely profitable for pharmaceutical companies
* Mass hysteria makes the population obedient like sheep, allowing politicians and others to do with them as they please

Here are some more facts:
* Healthy diet, lifestyle and environment are NOT profitable
* Natural immunity is NOT profitable
* Vitamin D and early treatment with cheap repurposed medicines and supplements is NOT profitable

This article could go on and on, but I hope you get the picture.


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