CNN's Ana Navarro Promotes Huge Lie That Donald Trump Was Elected Illegitimately In 2016

Published January 4, 2022 7,679 Views
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Navarro went on to be hypocritical, having complained about Trump’s Big Lie, but then denied another legitimate election result:

Look, I felt – I felt that Donald Trump had not been legitimately elected. I felt he’d gotten help from the Russians, but you know what? It would have never occurred to me to make up arms against Donald Trump. That’s just not what we do in America.

Our weapon of choice is voting, is democracy, it’s the ballot, and so I hope that people remember Jan. 6. You know why? You know how? By registering to vote. By making sure they know where they have to show up to vote because there are elections this year and they are so crucial.

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