The Other Wise Man: Part 8

Published January 4, 2022 72 Views

This Christmas classic tells the story of the "Other" Wise Man, a friend of the three Wise Men who are described in the Gospel of Matthew and in Christian tradition. During the time of Augustus Caesar, Artaban, a Zoroastrian priest living in Ecbatana, Persia, looks for the star heralding the birth of Jesus. He sells all his possessions to buy three precious jewels, which he hopes to present to the newborn Christ child, and sets out to meet his three companions: Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar. Although he has planned to journey with the other three Magi to Bethlehem, he is delayed and fails to rendezvous with them. Artaban spends his whole life searching for the Christ, and in his search he gives away one, then two, and finally all three of his jewels to help others. In the end, his quest is fulfilled in unexpected ways.

Written more than a century ago, this is still a topical Christmas story for young and old that captures the true spirit of Christmas.

A special thanks to Robert Barrett, who kindly agreed to let us use his illustrations for these videos. His website can be found here:

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