London N.Y.E 2021 Child-trafficking Hubs are going down! C.N.L.T by Janine Linehan

Published January 2, 2022 8,090 Views

Welcome to Conspiracies No Longer Theories, Part 6.1 proof of the D.U.M.Bs, in London, N.Y.E 2021 Child Trafficking Hub's big take down. I will update further information this Friday with David Zublick
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In this video you will see the spiritual war from my very window.
In August 2021, I exposed my daughters school for being in the shape of a child, I sent the information to tarot by Janine, who exposed this information on her channel, within a few months we see the results of what light warriors are really here to do. And that is to all do what we can to end all evil.

Seeing the children's rescue mission from my garden has to be the best experience of my life, and what a way to start 2022. God really has blessed me to witness and survive such an amazing spiritual experience.
I pray for all the children who was saved and for the souls that didn't make it.
We heard your prays and hopefully all suffering is over in the east end of London. A very big thank you to all the military who fort to save our children. We love you all.
A very happy new years to you all 2022.
When walking around the area the next day, there was not much sign of fire work litter, very big clean up considering the fire works was on and off throughout the night.
Still gun shots throughout the night every-night since, straight after gun shots a very professional bike can be heard speeding off. which I have also recorded. I will upload soon.

Also a very big special thank you to Tarot by Janine and David Zublick, my awakening God-send light warriors

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