3 Hours of CCTV Footage from the Capitol's Lower West Terrace Tunnel

On October 1, 2021, Attorney Joseph McBride submitted a Rule 16 Discovery Request to the United States Attorney's Office in United States v. Ryan Taylor Nichols (Case No. 21-cr-117-1) for three consecutive hours of video footage from CCTV cameras located at the Capitol's Lower West Terrace entrance known as the "Tunnel."

McBride later filed a motion in Nichols's case asking for the 3-hour video to be unmasked and made available to the public, because it had been subject to a protective order shielding it from public view.

McBride also asked for the unmasking of seven other videos that show footage looking at the Tunnel’s entrance from the vantage point of the crowd.

In his motion, McBride argued, amongst other things, that:
(1) Victoria White was viciously beaten by a ranking MPDC officer wearing a white shirt;
(2) The theories of self-defense and defense of others will work for many Capitol Protestors due to the multitude of unjustifiable attacks of protestors by police; and
(3) There were agent provocateurs agitating conflict in the crowd, and that there were undercover agents passing weapons through the crowd.



MPDC Lieutenant is wearing a White Shirt: Badge # L359

2:07:01: Lt. hits Ms. White in the head with his baton five times in seven seconds.
The first blow knocks her MAGA hat off her head.

2:07:11 Lt. hits Ms. White over the head two times and then spears her with the baton two times

2:07:24: Ms. White is sprayed directly in the fact by officer on ledge. Ms. White pleads with him to stop

2:07:30 Ms. White is maced and hit by White-shirt and ledge officer;

2:07:38 Ms. White is visibly bleeding head, which can be seen on the white hoody;

2:07:45 Ms. White is stuck and cannot go anywhere;

2:07:54 Another MPDC Officer pulls Mr. White’s hair back and forth;

2:08:17 Lt. moves his way from the back, targets Ms. White and begins another assault.
Lt. hits Ms. White approximately 10 more times;

2:08:30 Lt spears and pokes Ms. White his baton about the head, neck, and face so as to inflict maximum pain;

2:08:46 Lt beats the Ms. White with his baton striking directly over the head another ten times and then punches White;

2:09:10 Another MPDC Officer holds white and prevents her from leaving;

2:09:13 Lt. punches Ms. White in the face, with his left-hand, landing five punches in five seconds, with all of his might, while she is being held by another officer;

2:09:35 Another officer joins in and starts beating Ms. White in the head with his baton, landing twelve strikes directly to her face;

2:10:42 Ms. White is visibly distressed;

2:10:50 Ms. White collapses twice after being tossed around like a rag doll;

2:11:03 Ms. White attempts to flee the tunnel and is ripped back by an MPDC officer;

2:11:06 Lt. attacks Ms. White as she tries to flee striking her in the face with his baton;

2:11:17 Lt. spears Ms. White in the face;

2:11:20 Ms. White collapses in a cloud of mace;

2:11:25 Ms. White is dragged to the back of the tunnel and taken away.

Trained agitators were no doubt in the crowd on January 6th. There is also evidence suggesting collaboration and coordination between said agitators and uniformed police.


Careful patient analysis and cross referencing of these eight videos will lead you to the truth. Look for coordination and communication between members of the crowd who look out of place with uniformed police and begin to connect them to each other. Watch also as protestors are openly attacked without provocation or justification by the police. Look for agitators in the crowd, especially by the Tunnel’s entrance. Find out who they are. See if they have been indicted by the government and/or what their history is.


Ask yourself how is it that someone like #RedFace45 (aka Rally Runner) a tall White Man with Red Face Paint, KAGA hat, and MAGA red clothing, can move through the Tunnel’s death zone unencumbered by police where others were severely beaten and even died?

Victoria White was literally beaten half to death (See 02:06:16) while both she and RF45 occupied the Tunnel together. Yet, RF45 is given a pass by the police in the tunnel and the FBI afterward, and White a non-violent female protestor that was brutalized by the MPDC has been indicted?


The Government will soon have to contend with the fact that RF45:

(1) Placed his hand into a MPDC officer’s supply bag in the Tunnel, and remove an item without repercussion from the police. (See 02:15:00 -12:15:45);

(2) Possessed and used a police issued riot shield in and outside of the Tunnel (See 02:12:26);

(3) Appears to have worked in concert with uniformed police in the clearing out of the Tunnel (See 02:18:45 -02:21:13);

(4) Uses what appears to be hand signals to communicate after clearing the Tunnel (See Block at 02:21:14);

(5) Possessed the same kind of collapsible police baton that an MPDC supervising officer used to pummel Victoria White with inside of the Tunnel. (See 02:02:02-02:11:24);

(6) Appears to use hand signals in the crowd as well. (See cover photo for this video)

Check the following hashtags as well: #PippiLongScarf, #FlopSweatRat , #TunnelTraitorRight #GogglesMan, #GreenNewsBoy. Look at all the people identified by Darren Beattie as well.

We certainly want these men identified. It does not matter if their day jobs include being a mascot like Rally Runner, or owning a tranquil wedding venue like Ray Epps. All that matters is the truth— regarding what their role was on January 6th and what their role is now.

We also have reports of indicted persons in the jails working as informants for the government. We have identified several of them… and will soon motion the court for their identity.

Nothing about January 6th is what you think it is.

All of it was done right in front of your face.

Open your eyes…

Open your mind…

Put your politics aside and open your heart…

Dig deep to find the truth.

Because only the TRUTH will MAKE AMERICA FREE AGAIN.

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