1000 Yards with a budget 6mm ARC - Testing the accuracy of the 6mm cartridge

2 years ago

The day is finally here. Let see if we can hit 1000 yards with a budget 6mm ARC build. And see if, me as a shooter, can get to 1000 yards!

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Shaw 6mm ARC barrel

VG6 Lamda 65 muzzle brake

Aero M4E1
https://bit.ly/AeroM4E1uprTLD (upper)
https://bit.ly/AeroM4E1lwrTLD (lower)

CVLife bipod (hah not kidding)

UTG 20 moa pic mount riser

Athlon Argos

Luth-ar stock

CMC Flat face trigger

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Mantis X10 Elite

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This entire venture started with 224 valkyrie. I wanted to build a low-price AR15 that could reach out to 1000 yards to see if it was possible. Due to inconsistencies with the round and nuances that could not be overcome with the 224 valkyrie round, I was not able to get the accuracy need using the 224.

Then the 6mm ARC hit the shelf and we purchased a Shaw barrel, swapped out our 224 valkyrie bolt and reassembled in the 6mm ARC platform.

The goal from the beginning was to see if you REALLY needed all of the most expensive things on the market or if it really just came down to the shooter. So we built the built with budget parts with a completed rifle cost (optics and all) around $1200 dollars.

To keep it as basic and cost-friendly as possible, I wanted to accomplish this task with off-the-shelf ammo if possible. We used Hornady black ammo as our primary testing but we also did a significant amount of load development using hand loads. So you can see the difference between our tuned hand loads and regular off-the-shelf ammo that you can buy at the store.

Today was the day. 2 years in the making and it was time to see if my challenge was attainable or just a pipe dream.

We started by working our way out from 100 yards to confirm zero and establish our DOPE at all distances. Once we were all set at all our ranges, it was time to test if you can build a budget 6mm ARC rifle that can hit 1000 yards!

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