Erev Rav Eliyahu

2 years ago

He begins by dismissing the “conspiracies” about the crapcines, attacking Rav Amnon Yitzchak by name in the process. He does not support his assertions. They are simply facts, because he says so.

He continues as follows, with my comments in brackets.

He met people who died from corona [presumably before they died, but no further information is provided]. The question of whether or not to take the shot is halachic in nature. He checked the Shulchan Aruch, and the answer is very clear. He also consulted with other Rabbonim, and all the rabbis – except for maybe one or two – all the great poskim and scholars say that corona is a plague that we must be careful about.

[Don't you feel smarter and more educated already?]

He then asserts that this plague is not as bad as previous ones, in which many millions died, specifically because of the doctors we have today. [Insert your own sarcastic comment.]

Then Eliyahu speakes forcefully against those who endanger lives and slander the health establishment. Lashon hara is very serious, he goes on to say [right after publicly smearing Rav Yitzchak and anyone else who doesn't agree with his unsupported statements]. We should only express gratitude to the doctors. He then urges everyone to confront those making these statements – the conspiracy theorists. We should rebuke them, and make them be quiet.

He concludes by saying it's a mitzvah to take the crapcine.

He did not indulge us with any of his actual sources from the Shulchan Aruch, or any other Torah support for his forceful assertions.

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