How Corporate Media Dumbs Us Down, Will 2022 Be a Year for Liberty? (Audio)

Published December 30, 2021 71 Views

David Gornoski plays a clip by Dr. Robert Malone that reveals some striking details about the mandated drugs. Will China beat America in a new space race? Are pop culture and mainstream media dumbing us down to the point where we cannot even critique things? Joining David is Sir Owen who analyzes the latest headlines surrounding the decreed medicine, Ukraine, what awaits us in the new years, and more.

Does Pluto deserve to be demoted as a dwarfed planet? Is consciousness linked to an all-encompassing magnetic force? Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu answers these questions in a brand new segment of Science and U. Plus, the Mises Institute's Tho Bishop calls in to talk about whether we can expect something good in 2022 for the political sphere; the media frenzy over Ron DeSantis' ignoring of Omicron fear-mongering; Biden's "no federal solution" comment; what lies ahead in the economy; how Wokeism is hurting the Democratic party; and why ending the Fed is the key to ending tyranny.

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