G. Edward Griffin Interviews Yuri Bezmenov (1984)

2 years ago

Interview Transcript - https://bezmenov.net/

In this program G. EDWARD GRIFFIN interviews former KGB agent and USSR defector YURI BEZMENOV, they talk about the Subversion occurring in the West and how the Communists are doing it.

The Subversion of the West was the goal of the USSR/KGB, by indoctrinating the youth in Marxist ideology, the communists planned to put in power the most degenerate, valueless, corrupt, selfish and untrustworthy of individuals. With these corrupted individuals in the press, politics, academia and finances, the Subverters/Communists would use them to corrupt western society and they would do it in 4 steps:

DEMORALIZATION - Indoctrinating the youth to values totally contrary to American values and the natural order (promotion of homosexuality, sexual liberation, destruction of the family, materialism, etc..), this takes 15-20 years since it is the time needed to "educate" one generation of students in the enemy country (with the ideology of the enemy).

DESTABILIZATION - It takes to 2 to 5 years, what matters here is economy, foreign relations and Defense Systems. The goal here is to influence the mentioned sectors with the Marxist Ideology (Interventionist Economy, Welfare State, Relations with Communist Regimes, Wars) and Destabilization that helps communists in their goal to world spread crisis. Infiltration of Communists and sympathizers. in the Defense of the USA, Transfer of Technology.

CRISIS - Can take as little as 6 months to have change in power, either with an "Uprising" or "Revolution" in such way of destroying the current government and making sure there is chaos on the streets.

NORMALIZATION - Can be indefinite, Communists and Technocrats will step in to provide a solution to the problems they created, whether you like it or not. The new system with the new bureaucrats (Or if you will, the Slave Owners) will not only remove the liberty of the people, they will confiscate their weapons, surveillance and facial recognition will be used, they will re-assign dissidents, create labor/slave camps, destroy anything that could be a threat to them and the USA will lose its power and influence around the world.


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