Dr. Lee Vliet: US hospitals get on average $100 000+ bonus if they mistreat 'COVID' patients

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet talks about perverse financial incentives that are offered to US hospitals for behaving exactly as the government tells them to. These government directives are in total opposition to the wellbeing of patients. This is all under the incentive of Anthony Fauci and The National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The directives include the following:

1. Doing a (hyper oversensitive) COVID PCR test on all inpatients, even inpatients who don't have any flu-like symptoms. The hospitals receive a bonus for every patient with a positive PCR.
2. Treating patients with positive PCR tests with (highly toxic and ineffective) remdesivir and NOT with safe and effective treatments such as ivermectin, fluvoxamine, inhaled nebulized budesonide, colchicine, adequate dose steroids, high dose intravenous vitamin C and glutathione, et cetera. This results in a 20% bonus on the ENTIRE hospital bill.
3. If the patient goes on a mechanical ventilator ― which could be needed due to both the toxicity of remdesivir and the lack of safe and effective treatment ― the hospital gets another incentive bonus. There have been many reports of patients needlessly being put on ventilator.
4. If the 'COVID' patient dies in the hospital, the hospital gets another bonus. This is more likely to happen if the patient is needlessly put on a ventilator, because ventilators are extremely dangerous (although sometimes better than nothing).

Attorney Thomas Renz is currently investigating cases like this. He has received data from whistleblowers that American hospitals are earning a MINIMUM of $100 000 per 'COVID' patient in bonuses, but ONLY if they follow the government directives exactly.

So the conclusion is that the American hospitals are getting paid boatloads of bonuses (financed with taxpayer money), to kill 'COVID' patients.

Of course the hospitals don't want family members and the public to know about their misbehavior. They also don't want protest. Therefore the hospitals are as secretive as possible: family members are not allowed to visit 'COVID' patients and all information is heavily censored.

As a comparison, realize that even prisoners have visiting rights.

Patients are refused fluids and nutrients, don't have any choice in their own treatment, and don't even receive treatments that are not controversial, such as antibiotics. Patients often don't even get the right to REFUSE medication, such as remdeathisnear.

It's now so bad that family members and doctors are forced to go to court to allow safe and effective treatments can be administered. Another employed tactic is getting media attention and attorneys going on-site confront hospital administrators.

People are having to perform 'rescue missions' to get their family members out of hospital.

Realize that ivermectin has been an FDA approved medicine for 30 years. Doctors and hospitals don't need any approval to use it for COVID patients. The medicine doesn't have a specific approval COVID, but it can be used off-label. Off-label use of medication is very common. The only restriction is that pharmaceutical companies can't market ivermectin for COVID, so they're not allowed to say that ivermectin is safe, effective and indicated for COVID.

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See undercover nurse Erin Marie Olszewski on the abuses of patients in Elmhurst hospital in New York in the first half of 2020:

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NOTE: Hospitals getting these boatloads of money for (mis)treating COVID patients, is a plausible reason for why these hospitals are attacking early treatment so hard. Early effective combination treatment keeps people out of hospital. This leads to boatloads of missed profits for these hospitals and boatloads of missed bonuses for the directors of these hospitals.

SOURCE: https://www.brighteon.com/3f64ee04-b547-4ecc-89e2-bfd91881cc9c

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