Conspiracies No Longer Theories By Janine Linehan Part 9 New GODS-LAW Order!

Published December 28, 2021 10,124 Views

Welcome To Conspiracies No Longer Theories By Janine Linehan, Part 9 New GODS-LAW Order! If you like my content a share and a rumble helps beat the algorithms and free the truth! Humanity needs your help so every share is important.. And Appreciated.

In this documentary you will find the real truths to our human rights and power. We are at the top of the pyramid, directly beneath God only! No other entity or dead corporation can enforce any laws if we haven't broken any.
In God's law there is only 3 main laws, Do not steal, do not harm and do not kill, if you haven't broken any of these laws, you haven't broken any laws at all! Unless you consent to their governing by understanding and consenting your signature, then the law can not touch you over dead corporate fines, taxes, council taxes, income taxes, parking tickets, court fees, speeding tickets, all these are a choice to pay! YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY THEM FUCK ALL!
This documentary holds all the information to real freedom and all your human rights! . No dead corporation can sue a living soul, unless you consent to them to do so, we have blindly given away our power its time we take it back! This you do without realising just by saying "I understand"! Once you know every single loop hole that they know and use, you can use them straight back to the public servants we pay to govern us! We are all public servants bosses! time we take back our power and say NO, learn just how to do that by watching this video.

When you wake up to your human rights you become fearless and uncontrollable to a fake conning, human life stealing enslaving govern-ment!
Time to wake up and be the sovereign human that God made you! I DO NOT CONSENT TO PIRATE LAWS! We the people say No..

Visit the common law website and register back to Gods law so the Judicial system gets shut down once and for all.
All it takes is your date of birth and a few details to register back as King of your own living soul!

Common Law Court website
Thanks for watching
Janine X

Wake up

The sun is bright
It feels so real
I touch the Earth
And spiritually feel

The damage, the hurt
From the devils plan
From our 1st breath
He enslaved Gods creation

Born into a life
That you are commodity
Millions traded in your name
While you live a life of

Birth means “shipping”
And your certificate is a Bond
They kill you off at sea
And wave a magic Wond.

Abra Cadabra
You will be none the wiser
Companies selling sickness as health
Like Johnson&Johnson & Phfizer

Keeping us sick making us Ill
So the money pours in
From treatments and pills

Man made illnesses
Just to sell us the cure
Trillions roll in
While we remain sick and poor.

You live your life as dead
Agreeing to our enslavers rules
And affirmations

Living by the rules the servants
While us Kings live a life of
Hardship, illnesses and debt

They put us on a law of the sea
L.A.W means Land Air And Water
They enslave you, your wife
Your son and daughter

They buy our Shipping Bond
And sign us up as pirates of the sea
Taking us to court in a dock
They stole my rights from me

Not anymore I’m wide awake
I’ve had as much debt
That one can take

I’m not walking anymore
pirates planks
Giving them all my wages
While I struggle with no thanks

I signed myself on to common law
Now I am protected by
Gods lands once more

No more can they trade me
Like I am a Corpse-aration
I’ve Woke up their to late
No more Man-ipulation!

They mock us in films
And with TV programming
Keeping us asleep
So they can keep scamming

Harvesting us and our-children
The rabbit hole is deep
Once you go down there
Say goodbye to sleep

The matrix is real
And so is the grass and sky
The rest is the devils corporation
To make us live a lie.

We was born to work and serve
for the Rich and wealthy,
They sell us our sickness
While they remain healthy.

Devils spawn is worshipped like Gods
While man like Trump is
Mocked and hated
They enslave us he is saving us
Yet he is hated and under rated!

So time to use your own initiative
And time to research the truth
I think your find what I say is true
I found the actual proof.

To learn the truth and free yourself
You don’t have to listen to me
The truth is literally at your finger tips
And blatantly there to see.

So wakie wakie rise and shine
Put down that fucking mask
They’ve enslaved you, im trying to save you,
Which is a tricky task,

I will need your help to share the truth,
help me expose every lie,
when we wake to this truth alone
the government will go BYE BYE!

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