2 years ago

The FDA has announced that, starting next year, they will begin using a test that can distinguish the covid 19 virus from the flu.

Say what?!?

You mean the test that has been used for the last two years – along with the statistics that were relied upon to lockdown, isolate, and otherwise violate the liberty and the livelihood of Americans -- does NOT differentiate between Covid-19 and the flu?

You mean all this time, all the reported “cases” of covid, and “positivity rates” and “deaths” attributed to a pandemic are a lie and a fraud?
Well, yes…

You see, if the test statistics are fraudulent, then all the other statistics which are based on the test are also fraudulent.
Well, there’s more...

Did you know that the so-called “vaccine” does not prevent you from contracting or from transmitting the so-called “virus”?
In fact, it’s not designed to…

And since the so-called “vaccine” has only been administered for less than a year, there are no studies regarding its long-term effects.
How could there be?

If you also consider reports that the vaccine is more deadly than the flu – especially among younger people –then why would you take it or let your children take it?

Well, that’s a good Question.

To be clear, while there may be a virus, there is no dangerous pandemic that justifies the destruction of our lives, our livelihoods, our liberties, our economy, our health care system, our military and our constitutional system of government.

No lawful, legitimate, constitutional government would care so much for your health that they are willing to kill you if you don’t let them heal you.

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