Paige's Dragonfly Beautiful Nature WildLife Alchemical Short Film by Leemonster LTG Music

2 years ago

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This is a film project I did for the final song on an album I made called "A Leme Harot"
All images and footage were documented in the Cayuga Lake region of New York.
Part of a set of a photo series of images extracted from this video.
All content created and put together by me. Always looking forward to creating and collaborating, commission work & freelancing.
Content by LTG Music, Leemonster, Lome Marsupial all rights reserved.

This is my first video here. Checking out different platforms outside of youtube because I'm pretty well shadowbanned it seems, ay?
Thanks for taking the time to view this if you did.
Will create similar projects in the future. Doing the whole survival thing presently, you see, but'll hopefully release similar soon.

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