Dec 24 2021 - Clif High > Why You Cannot Take What Trump Says At Face Value #ArtOfWar

Published December 26, 2021

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- What Everyone Is Missing About How The Vax Saved The World From A 10-Year Lockdown & Massive Millions Of Deaths
- Trump & The Patriots Are Now Maneuvering Two Disparate Social Order Groups Into A Convergence
- The Globalists Were Not Prepared For This Move, And Now They're Freaking Out
- Remember, The Left Takes Trump A Face Value
- The Narrative Will Shift Once The Core Audience Demonstrates They Are Beginning To Understand The BIGGER Picture
- When The Narrative Does Shift, The War Will Become Out In The Open
- This 'Convergence' Of Awakening & Social Order Coherence Will Accelerate The Next Events
- SOC = Special Operations Command (U.S. Military Term)
- Trump Is A Master Word-Play Strategist


Clig High Is A Linguistics Pattern & Trend Expert, Who Designed One Of The Most Advanced A.I. Internet Language Pattern Recognition Algorhythms In The World

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