Community Conversations | Episode 7 | Rescue from the Brink

Published December 26, 2021 634 Views

Episode 7 features Sergio Goater who speaks candidly about his mother's near death experience after being subjected to the Covid-19 treatment protocol in the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Bermuda. He also speaks about his experience as a youth football coach navigating the mandates put in place to govern all activities pertaining to local sports.

About the Series
Beyond the Pandemic is an eye-opening local television series designed to break the silence, reveal true stories, and share solutions that can help us all get beyond the pandemic.

This series is a grassroots initiative embarked upon collectively, by the Emperial Group and a growing group of concerned health professionals from various disciplines, in response to what they were hearing from their clients, coupled with loud cries from the community for more balance, inclusion and objectivity in conversations pertaining to
the pandemic.

As a result, the series has been designed to engage a variety of perspectives, share real-life experiences and provide tangible solutions that help address those concerns by providing a viable options that reflect the diversity present in Bermuda and various communities around the world.

How can you support
If you are enjoying our series Beyond the Pandemic and would like to see it continue, we would really appreciate your support. This is a grassroots initiative that is designed for our collective benefit. Together we can bring balance to the conversation globally and create the conditions for solutions that address the needs and concerns of us all. Please click on the link should you be in a position to contribute, and reach out if you have questions or suggestions that can further our efforts and help us improve.


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