The Corona Decoder

2 years ago

The Corona Decoder

1. Torment
2. The Science of Covid 0:49
3. Virology 1:42
4. Put the needle down 2:54
5. Drink Me 3:25
6. It’s Just Garbage 4:15
7. Poison as Medicine 5:05
8. The 'Great Reset' Is An Attempt To Derail Human Progress In Order To Maintain The Status Quo 5:34
9. The Preferred Weapon of Nerds 6:41
10. The Average Doctor's Appointment
Lasts as Long as the Average Drug Deal 7:21
11. Leaving the Cult 8:25
Epilogue 9:09
So is there a new disease? 9:27
(end 10:54)

This is a standalone film (covers everything you need to know) with original content mixed with content from Maximum Drama. It focuses on the official nonsense vs no virus isolation, normal mortality rates, deadly injections/ transhumanism etc.

Again, it’s very watchable and has a distinct Monty Python/ The Office vibe (more so at the start than later on). But it also delivers a friendly and clear explanation of the science and the psychology. At the end there is a good summary of the facts and a section on microwave pollution. It’s also the most up to date (omicron, the latest vax analysis etc).

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