1 year ago

Victory in New Brunswick! Thank you Action4Canada Chapter Leaders Pastor Ken and Bonnie!! Dec. 17th

Action4Canada Chapter Leaders, Pastor Ken and Bonnie, in Fredericton, New Brunswick who were responsible for overturning the tyrannical unlawful government policy to Vax for Food. As well as previously shutting down the legislature with a pots and pan rally and serving the MLA's A4C's Notices of Liability.

Thank you Ken and Bonnie and Action4Canada!!!

Read More: https://action4canada.com/a4c-nols-overturning-orders-in-new-brunswick/

A4C Website: https://action4canada.com/
Notices of Liability: https://action4canada.com/covid-liability-notices/
Donate to A4C: https://action4canada.com/donate/
Join: https://action4canada.com/join/

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