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1 year ago

Anarchapulco, Acapulco, Mexico. Feb 14 - 18:

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IQ drop of 22 points caused by our pandemic response:

Biden's TikTok video promoting vaccinations with Jonas Brothers is so 'cringe' that even left-wing activists smash the president: 'This is absolutely the worst thing I’ve ever seen':

Cathy Don't Go to The Supermarket (1985):

Mind control comes to VR, letting me explode alien heads with a thought:

The NextMind brain-computer interface decodes neural activity in real time, giving you the ability to control objects using only your mind.
And it works!

VR Mind Control Is HERE! And It Works!: (there are a lot of other videos also on this)

Tech company develops microchip implanted in the body that stores a COVID-19 vaccine passport so it's 'always accessible':

A priestess of eugenics and β€œcollective evolution” - Barbara Marx Hubbard - Awakening the New Species in You:

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