Liberty First, America First (Audio)

2 years ago

Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini calls in to talk about Florida's reaction to the new variant; his race in central Florida; blending liberty first with America first; what we can do to hold people like Fauci accountable; and more. Also in the show, David Gornoski explains why the Omicron variant is less lethal than previous variants; why nutrition is neglected in the pandemic; why the CDC can't be trusted; the shunning of RFK Jr; Trump's endorsement of the mandated drugs; and more.

Do we need the concepts of "dark matter" and "black holes" to explain the fundamentals of the universe? Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu says there is a better and simpler way to explain the universe in this segment of Science and U. Tho Bishop of the Mises Institute joins David Gornoski in tackling the latest fearmongering narratives by the corporate press. Tho also comments on Trump's defense of the decreed medicine, the significance of Christmas, and more.

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