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Rumble What your vibration level? There are so many people living in a low vibration that they can't see you or they avoid you ... You are considered weird, a freak, or conspiracy Theorist.. Why? Because the deception so deep and wide , so navigating through this time period can be tricky, but long as you ride with TRUTH and righteousness you will be covered.

1. Dr. Fauci recommends you ban your unvaccinated family members from the Christmas get together

2. What You feed your mind low vibrational space , constantly feeding your mind fear what you think going to happen that's what you will become.

3. Trudeau saying that they have a loophole to take away your rights and they’re going to do it

4. Jan 6th was proclaimed as the biggest attack on our country since Pearl Harbor...look at these horrific scenes of people casually walking through the capital taking pictures & selfies... ANOTHER LIE & DECEPTION

5. No one at CNN has died of Omicron but there has been an outbreak of pedophilia

6. The new talking point of a “viral blizzard” went out to all media it seems

7. 800,000 people split into three groups, shows that fully vaccinated individuals may be at greater risk of COVID than those unvaccinated

8. Trump defending the roll out of the vaccine in less than 9 months instead 5- 12 years has created a firestorm of controversy and division .. Those who know the TRUTH would not let this bother them, because the vaccine was what the PEOPLE wanted when they started this Scamdemic , everyone has a choice , nobody is forced. It don't matter what Trump says when you know YOU'RE NOT TAKING the #depopulation vaccine.

9. Bottom line Durham knows what Hillary Clinton did And he’s going after her campaign As well as Danchenko Sussman The lawyers for the campaign and others.

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