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Psychasm is an energetic original indie psychedelic rock song by musician Danny Sullivan. It explores the chasm of the mind and the journey to find one's self in the darkness. This upbeat, lively tune (103 BPM) features thick and rhythmic percussion, atmospheric guitars, and beautifully harmonized vocals. Almost trance-like, Psychasm will bring you to a state of rejuvenation and invigoration.

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πŸ‘‰ Danny's Website: https://www.dannysullivanmusic.com/

Build a bridge across your mind
Connect the dots and draw the line
Everything is part of one thing
To be broken is to be
Every day a new catharsis
Another link, another view
Another journey through the darkness
Once above, begin anew

Horizons fall beneath your feet
Born again, but incomplete
Every day another stratum
Another stair inside the chasm
Looking down, what will you find?
Echoes from another time
Everything is made in your mind
Looking in, you will find
You'll find you'll find, you'll find

You'll find yourself

I'm Danny Sullivan, a keyboard player🎹 , singer 🎀, guitarist 🎸, and drummer πŸ₯ from GA, USA. My original indie songs and instrumentals feature pop, rock, funk, and electronic elements to provide the listener with a fun and diverse listening experience. I have no doubt that you will be able to find a song of mine that you enjoy!

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