Why are Hillary and Trump United in Warning of Bitcoin's Dangers? Interview with Alex Gladstein

Published December 22, 2021 81,037 Views

People across the political spectrum are recognizing multiple, growing threats: escalating Big Tech censorship of our political speech, the costs and corruption of Endless War, the spying of the US security state on American citizens, the dominance of neoliberal globalist institutions. Many believe that Bitcoin, by undermining the power of fiat money and enabling greater anonymity, can erode if not solve many of these problems. Glenn Greenwald speaks to one of the leading Bitcoin advocates, Alex Gladstein of the Human Rights Foundation, about the challenges and critiques of Bitcoin. (The part of their discussion about the environmental impact of Bitcoin will be published as a separate segment).

Read Alex's article: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/culture/bitcoin-replacing-us-super-imperialism

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