Dr. S. Chetty Interview: The Omicron - All You Need to Know!

2 years ago

Note: Subtitles are now available in English, French & Spanish!

In this interview with internationally renowned Dr. Shankara Chetty from South Africa, we discuss the Omicron variant, which is taking the world as a storm. Is this variant to be feared, or could it actually be a positive development in this pandemic, as mostly inducing mild disease, yet conferring post-covid natural immunity? Is the typical governmental response, to administer more booster shots and to implement new restrictions, appropriate or ill-conceived? These are among the timely and critically important aspects we discuss.

Dr. Chetty is a Family General Medical Practitioner in South-Africa, with considerable experience with the outpatient treatment of COVID-19, having treated so far nearly 8,000 patients, in his outpatient practice, without any of them requiring hospitalization or even oxygen.

Dr. Chetty holds a degree in medicine and surgery and also has advanced education in genetics, advanced biology, biochemistry and microbiology.

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