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ABOUT: Uplifting Rock drives you through historic news clips portraying the grim reality of the Price of Freedom, onto an atmosphere of Hope, as Americans greet returning POWs. The story concludes with a salute to HONOR, RELEASE, RETURN, a POW/MIA advocacy group that Ann M. Wolf has had the honor of working with through the years. She offers her notes about their annual reunion of POWs & MIA families as having been the inspiration for this Anthem.

PARENTAL ADVISORY: This video contains graphic film depicting the PRICE OF FREEDOM, with wartime reporting of POW rescue scenes and other images of Americans held captive.

POLITICAL PRISONERS: People around the USA & across the globe are being held, sometimes tortured, often without due process, for the crime of standing up for LIBERTY. To learn how you can help these prisoners and their families: https://annmwolf.info/

THE RIDE HOME song is written and sung by Ann M. Wolf and produced by Tracy Collins.

News footage & POW/USA live flag is via Pond5. Other images & video footage is by Ann M. Wolf, by permission, from public domain or free sources.

NOTE: This news-documentary, human-interest video is not for sale, but may be streamed or embedded for non-profit, educational & inspirational purposes, under Fair-Use.

All original music, images, and production by Ann M. Wolf is under the protection of copyright law.

For more POW/MIA/KIA ceremonies or other videos about our former and current POWs, go to: https://annmwolf.info/

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