Robert Kennedy Jr. Destroys Big Pharma, Fauci and the Pro Vaccine Movement [mirrored]

2 years ago

Robert Kennedy Jr. Destroys Big Pharma, Fauci and the Pro Vaccine Movement [mirrored]
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November 23rd, 2021.
The Kick Them All Out Project
As far as I can tell, this video has been scrubbed almost everywhere so I'm uploading the one copy I found after considerable searching. Very comprehensive interview and VERY INTERESTING BONUS info about what life was like growing up being a Kennedy and insights into the CIA conspiracies that led to the murder of his father and uncle.
Dear friends in Christ. This is another mirrored video carefully researched in a series of important issues recently spurred on from the inaction and lack of leadership of our Catholic Bishops and Cardinals. In fact, I am greatly dishearten and appalled to the sunken level of complacency ignoring the truly important humanitarian crisis of child exploitation and the related global Covid-19 mandates and the human genocide event.

What have you done to my church? I feel betrayed as a Catholic and a servant of Christ. I recently wrote to our local diocese and bishop with my detailed concerns regarding the ridiculous COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and mandates being forced and coerce through fear to the priests and parishes from lack of church leadership from the top down. Disgusting the church can stoop so low to allow Canadian government to dictate Covid-19 ever-changing policies with absolutely no documentation and evidence. I requested supporting documents on October 6, 2021, where are they? Why are they ignoring real counter-evidence and information links I provided?

Here is the redacted version of my October 6, 2021 letter to my local Chancery Office and Bishop and the Ultimate Proof Covid-19 links pdf. You can download these documents from the video description below. Due to the life and death priority of our present situation, please feel free as a Catholic or even a public citizen to use these documents as is or as a template for your own letter expressing your concerns directed to your representing bishop or Parish priest. Within the letter there is an active link to my Top-40 Catholic Red-Pill playlist with dozens of videos of doctor’s testimonies against the COVID-19 jab and mandates.
Also, the ‘Ultimate Proof Covid-19 links.pdf’ contains all the active links and references.

Clearly their position with Covid-19 restrictions and ever tightening mandates our not in our interest, especially our children, and we have to fight back and demand our leaders act. As of today, I have gotten no response from our Chancery Office or any of their supporting documentation I requested. Of course not, there is absolutely no medical evidence whatsoever in favour of the Covid-19 vaccine or mandates.

Both of these downloadable documents, ‘Bishop2021-10-06(redacted).pdf’ and ‘Ultimate Proof Covid-19 links.pdf’ are also presented in my (MyCatholicRedPill letter to my local Chancery Office and Bishop – Marcum) video as I scroll through them. Pause and read anytime during that video. Please share. Marcum

Please check out my Top-40 Catholic Red-Pill, Catholic Related, Covid-19 Related, and Pedophilia/Child Trafficking playlists.

Share ‘Bishop2021-10-06(redacted).pdf’

Share ‘Ultimate Proof Covid-19 links.pdf’

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