Nurse Erin

Published December 21, 2021 100 Views

What a great interview with a fellow Veteran, Patriot, Warrior, and friend.

- We went back into her time in service,
- her decision to be a nurse,
- the decision to go serve in NY (not necessarily at Elmhurst, but in NY),
- what she saw when she was up there,
- what she did about it,
- how she met Jeremy Brown,
- why she was in DC on Jan 6,
- why what the US GOV is saying about Jeremy Brown is false,
- what she's working on now,
- and how she's truly helping Americans get the care they need without the insanely high prices that come with it.

I'm thankful to have Erin in my life. I'm thankful for this interview and I look forward to where this is going in the future.

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-Jeff Dow
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