Dr. Bhakdi Explains Basic Immunology

1 year ago

Dr. Bhakdi explains basic immunology for everyone, telling us how and why the gene-based COVID-“vaccines” trigger breakdown of immunological defenses against infectious agents that lie dormant (“sleeping”) in our bodies. These include many viruses such Herpes zoster (shingles), Epstein-Barr-Virus (infectious mononucleosis), Cytomegaloviruses , and also bacteria – particularly tuberculosis – and parasites. Our sentinel lymphocytes are, moreover, vitally important in protecting us against tumors because they swiftly exterminate cancer cells that continually arise in our body.
“Vaccine”- mediated destruction of these sentinel lymphocytes is going to have disastrous global consequences. Patients with dreaded “old” infections such as tuberculosis, and with malignant tumors are going to flood the hospitals around the world.

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