December 19, 2021

2 years ago

Much discussion is generated when the topic of NC (Nitrocellulose) comes up. Which NC should you use in your homemade primers? Several methods are available and the NC is usually smokeless (pistol) gunpowder. A simple method called the "Dry" method is direct grinding of a small sample of pistol powder using ground glass in a mortar and pestle. Another method (called the "Puck" method) used involves mixing smokeless powder with acetone. The resulting "gooey" substance is then dried into a "puck" (or "cookie"). This "puck" is then filed and only the smallest particles are used/harvested as the NC. The primer recipe referencing this NC can be found in the manual "Homemade Primer Course" by Marshall Thompson (See EPH 20 among others). A "batch" contains enough compound to make approximately 100 primers. Only 5 grains of this NC are needed per batch. Adrian Jackson is featured in this video and he is also a member of the MeWe group called Primer Reloading.

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