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Joe Rogan Interview with Dr. Peter McCullough

You can read the full transcript, including links to references in the interview here:


Watch the full interview with Joe Rogan and Dr. Peter A. McCullough. They cover many topics, including the COVID-19 vaccines, vaccine mandates, vaccine side effects, the CDC, myocarditis, VAERS reports, monoclonal antibodies, lack of treatments for covid, spike protein toxicity, profit motives, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, boosters, lockdowns, deaths in vaccines. This interview covers many important topics. If you can't watch the full 2 hour and 45 minutes, the link up top has the full transcript so you can read about everything covered.

Other topics covered:
monoclonal antibodies
spike protein
early treatment
United States
hospitalization and death
respiratory infection
mass psychosis
heart failure
vaccine efficacy
randomized trials
public health
messenger RNA
nursing home
monoclonal antibody
vaccine safety
physical activity
johns hopkins
oral nasal
asymptomatic testing
blood clotting
emergency use authorization
virucidal therapy
task force
peer review
white house
contagion control
tucker carlson
senate testimony
pcr test
natural immunity
risk reduction
large number
respiratory illness
mccullough report
moral hazard
oral nasal virucidal therapy

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