SNL - Maxwell Trial Charade, Massa Carville slams Dems again, Kamala Harris loses it live

Published December 19, 2021 251 Views
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Rumble Tonight SNL show winging it totally because I had such a crazy week and being locked out of my phone didn't have time to prepare much but got enough to put together another political /news comedy live stream ..

In Democrat Plantation news Massa James Carville has a history of telling the truth about Democrats, he says 80% of them are politically brain dead

1 . Kamala "Kumguzzler" Harris goes complete AKA Sista Girl on Miss CharlamagnethaGod in a an aggressive response to him asking her who's the real president Joe "Joke' Biden or Sen Joe Manchin..... she responds telling him to stop sounding like a republican, & then going through a verbal word salad of SECTION 8 promises for the plantationites & their CHILLLREN, people who ride public transit need dignity , & lead paint ???? NONE of this crap she's talking about did they run on in the 2020 election, but like a good Stephinfetichit Kneegrow Charlamagne cheer VP. Jawbone Harris after this scripted exchange.

2. Ghislaine Maxwell declines to testify as defense rests case in sex abuse trial. This whole trial STINKS to high heaven , the MSM is not covering it, Twitter is delete the Ghislaine Maxwell trial tracker account, Huffpo & the Atlantic are writing article claiming Child trafficking is a QANON conspiracy..... WHY? because of the HIGH PROFILE people involved with Epstein & the corporation that help enable this... Closing arguments begin next week , idk how in the world Ghislaine can be found innocent, but could they be working for a mistrial ?

3. At the start of the Pandemic President Trump said " I'm a wartime President. This is a war.... different kind of a war than we've ever had" I do believe that we are fighting a war , against treasonous politicians have worked with CCP to infiltrate & take over the USA

4. Pentagon has 60,000 troops in secret, undercover army, report says
The Pentagon has built the world’s largest secret army over the last decade, amassing approximately 60,000 troops who make up the undercover force, a Newsweek exclusive report

5. New Orleans just forced through covid passports and mandates for 5yr olds starting January 3rd

6. More than fifty anti-vaccine mandate protesters invade New York Cheesecake Factory and Applebees restaurants and ten are arrested after refusing to leave when asked for proof of vaccination


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