Blessed to Teach Joins Resistance Chicks! We Need Unity! -Interview!

Published December 18, 2021 291 Views
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Rick from Blessed 2 Teach joined us this week for a POWERFUL interview where we talked about how the devil is trying to divide us in our movement and that it's more important now than ever to be united!
Rick is not bashful that the only way we win this fight is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he has a lot of hope that God is about to "judge the cabal." While many look around them and see doom and gloom, Rick sees with Spiritual eyes a bright and hopeful future. He says that "God is shaking the world to wake the people up." He sees three storms coming together.
1. Election Fraud
2. The Collapse of the Economy
3. A Great Wailing of people in need of healing
Rick says we are at a Red Sea moment and everyone is going to see who He is. Read more and get links:

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