SCIENTISTS AND DOCTORS with a critical view on the corona crisis

2 years ago

Renowned scientists and doctors approaching the corona crisis in a critical way. How severe is the current situation, and how lethal are mutations?
Is a healthy, scientific debate still possible? What’s going on with fear, censorship, and the role of the media?

From mouth masks and school closures to curfews and lockdowns; do these measures work? Is the PCR-test suited for diagnostic research? Are vaccines the only way to exit the crisis or are inexpensive medications also available?

What about natural immunity? Is it wise to start vaccinations amidst a pandemic, or would it be better to protect only the vulnerable?

What is the big difference between traditional vaccines and the new mRNA and vector vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna for example? How safe are they?

What is the necessity of the vaccine passports? Are we on a slippery slope? How did it all end up this way? And what now?

Step by step, all facets of the corona crisis are highlighted. The scientists are active in the Netherlands, Germany, UK and United States.

Thanks to all scientists who dare to engage in the debate.

Thanks to all the courageous journalists and employees of independent media who dedicate themselves to the cause of free speech.

Tom Ketelings, November 2021

Prof. Dr. Theo Schetters – Immunologist and vaccinologist, university of Pretoria
Prof. Dr. Peter McCullough - internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist
Prof. Ronald Meester – Professor probability mathematics
Dr. Jan Bonte – Neurologist
Dr. Robert Malone – Co-inventor mRNA technology
Drs. Maurice de Hond – Analyst and pollster
Prof. Dr. Mattias Desmet – Professor Psychology, University of Gent
Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi – Professor, University of Mainz
Prof. Dr. Martin Kulldorf – Professor of medicine, Harvard University
Prof. Dr. Jan Grandjean – Professor and heart surgeon
Dr. Michael Yeadon – Pharmacologist and former Vice President Pfizer
Mr. Drs. Raisa Blommestijn – Lawyer and philosopher
Dr. Ryan Cole – Pathologist
Prof. Dr. Jay Bhattachary – Health policy Stanford University
Drs. Sam Brokken – Teacher, Hasselt college
Prof. Cees Hamelink – Professor human rights
Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt – Pathologist
Dawn Henderson – Psychologist
Prof Dr. Bob de Wit - Professor Strategic Leadership

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