INIDE Summer 2021🌻 [no copyright ] Indie Music Compilation Summer 2021

2 years ago

00:00 Garna Vutka - Happy Indie Rock
02:09 Tony Sergeev - Acoustic Indie Pop Folk Uplifting by Tony Sergeev
05:00 Acoustic Guitar Background Music
07:25 Manhat10 - Dreams Indie Instrumental Background
10:54 Dan Lebowitz-Cliffsides Indie Folk Instrumental
12:58 Mack Powers - Promise Instrumental Indie Folk Acoustic Promise by Mack Powers
15:36 Federico Fabiano - May Song Acoustic Folk Instrumental
17:43 Federico Fabiano- Someday Acoustic Folk Indie
20:31 RomanSenykMusic - Soft Acoustic Folk Instrumental Acoustic Inspiring
23:29 Hyde - A New Beginning Acoustic Folk Instrumental
27:53 Federico Fabiano - Woods Acoustic Folk
30:32 General Vibe - Miss Emeli Indie Isntrumental
34:01 Sokolovsky Music - Inspirational Indie Rock
39:44 Angels´s rock- Twisterium Indie Rock Instrumental
42:44 Fog Lake - Push
44:54 Jahzzar - Siesta
47:07 CVS Audio Factory Release - Shine Your Light (Inst.)

INDIE Summer 2021🌻 [music no copyright ] Indie Compilation Summer 2021 #3
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1.Acoustic Happy Indie Rock Inspirational
Music:GarnaVutka Happy Indie Rock

2.Acoustic Indie Pop Folk Uplifting by Tony Sergeev
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3.Acoustic Guitar Background Music

4.Indie Instrumental Background Manhat10 - Dreams

5 .Indie Folk Instrumental Cliffsides by Dan Lebowitz
Cliffsides by Dan Lebowitz Source: YouTube Royalty-free Music Dan Lebowitz
(Playlist) -

6. Instrumental Indie Folk Acoustic Promise by Mack Powers
Promise by Mack Powers
Music provided by

7.Acoustic Folk Instrumental May Song by Federico Fabiano
Federico Fabbiano Music provided by Oak Studios -- Download link (HQ):

8.Acoustic Folk Indie Someday by Federico Fabiano
Federico Fabbiano Music provided by Oak Studios CategoryMusic

9.Acoustic Folk Instrumental Acoustic Inspiring Soft by RomanSenykMusic
Acoustic Inspiring Soft by RomanSenykMusic.
Music Link:

10.Acoustic Folk Instrumental A New Beginning by Hyde
Acoustic/Pop/Rock/Alternative - Acoustically driven instrumental
Hyde - Free Instrumentals
Music provided by

11.Acoustic Folk Woods by Federico Fabiano
Woods Artist: Federico Fabbiano Music provided by Oak Studios

12. Indie Instrumental General Vibe - Miss Emeli
General Vibe - Miss Emeli" is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0)
Music promoted by BreakingCopyright:

13.Inspirational Indie Rock by Sokolovsky Music Music promoted by
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

14.Indie Rock Instrumental Angel's Rock by Twisterium
Angel’s Rock by Twisterium |
Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

15.Fog Lake -Push

16.Jahzzar -Siesta

17.Track: Shine Your Light (Inst.) | CVS Audio Factory Release
Music provided by Conveyor Sounds
Free Download & Watch:


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