Ep 44: There’s a Story Inside You with David Henry | The Courtenay Turner Podcast

Published December 18, 2021 10 Views

In this episode, Courtenay and David share an open, heartwarming discussion about the importance of building awareness for brain injuries and other mental health challenges.

David beautifully shares with listeners his life journey and evolution lined with grace, humility and compassion. Having suffered from multiple head injuries, spending a majority of his years in rehab, all while balancing being a father, David’s perseverance is an inspiration to many.

David is a former farmer and trucker who at the age of 23 encountered his first brain injury that propelled him into a series of four more major head injuries. As a result, he develop severe debilitating panic attacks and battled with thoughts of suicide. One of his therapists, Sylvia, showed him the beauty of grace and profoundly said “David, you have a story inside you that you need to get out.”
Ever since, David has made it his purpose and mission to speak out about his struggles and survival with depression and post-concussion syndrome. He hopes that in doing so he can provide help and inspiration to those going through similar circumstances and to build overall public awareness.

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