Exposing The World's Most DANGEROUS LIES w/ Max Igan, David Icke & Glenn Beck

2 years ago

"It's Been Their Plan All Along - and you ABSOLUTELY will NOT want to believe what it is - so you have GOT TO BE PREPARED FOR WHAT'S COMING!" In this EYE-BULGING and HEART-POUNDING compilation featuring none other than Max Igan, David Icke & Glenn Beck, you will FINALLY learn some of THE MOST HIDDEN SECRETS regarding the COVID-19 SCAMdemic - and how it has changed EVERYTHING - and what their FUTURE PLANS hold for the Citizens of the WORLD!

From the way we live our lives and how we operate our businesses, to how we see each other, NOTHING IS SAFE NOR SACRED, and NOTHING is off limits to these Demonic Disease Spreaders! What's more is that the FRAUDULENTLY INSTALLED FREAK-SHOW PUPPET BIDEN REGIME now running our federal government is sinking its tentacles even deeper into us and our entire society (and the world), threatening the very fabric not only of our bodily autonomy, but of our Great Republic. If you think things are bad NOW, just wait until some of the details revealed in this EPIC DOCUMENTARY are unleashed upon your brain: UNDENIABLE documents and federal contracts tell a DARK AND DEMONIC STORY that seems as though it's being read straight out of the Book of Revelations!

This is JUST THE BEGINNING, Patriots, because their future plans reveal that they will continue dominating our lives and threatening our very continued existence IN AN ALL OUT ATTEMPT AT MASS GLOABAL DEPOPULATION & CONTROL! It’s time we cast a BLINDING LIGHT on the SHOCKING AND UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH found in this EPIC video! Because only with the UNCENSORED TRUTH will we emerge from the DARKNESS of this “SCAMdemic” and take back the life and liberty that has been so openly stolen from us.

This is THE most pivotal time in our lives, Patriots - and THIS is the most IMPORTANT video of our current time. Pray right now, my Fellow Patriots & Christian Brothers and Sisters - NOW more than EVER. If there's people out there that you TRULY care about, please share this video with them, they will forever be grateful to you for you having done so. And remember, above all, WWG1WGA! There is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS & KNOWLEDGE!
1) c19 doesn't exist because it was never isolated and identified in laboratory, hence it fails what is called "Koch Postulates".
2) If C19 doesn't exist,
A) it cannot produce 'variants' and
B) the bogus jab wasn't made with any fragment of a virus.
3) the jab isn't a conventional vaccine, but mRNA gene therapy which alters DNA.
4) many people are dying not of C19 nor from any of its ficticious variants, but from the jabs themselves and from the immune systems which were weakened by the jab... by nearly 2 years of wearing masks and damaging their health in the process. Many cancer patients have had a continue to have appointments, treatments and surgeries either delayed or cancelled, and this fact alone has been killing many people.
The C19 farse is the biggest fraud in history, in which the eugenicist elites have been planning for many years.

C19 doesn't exist, what they created was a computer sequence.
And now there is a PCR test pandemi.

The complete series can be found here:

Dr Reiner Fuellmich is the public frontman for an international team comprised of hundreds lawyers and medical experts, who have begun legal proceedings over,

the CDC

the WHO

the Davos group,

...for committing crimes against humanity...

The protocol for the PCR test given by the WHO and the CDC was knowingly set to a level that guaranteed 100% false positives or false negatives.

So there is no pandemic...

This is all about getting people to take the shot.

Their argument is that we are at the very least being subjected to an illegal experiment.

And at the worst, global genocide.

Dr Fuellmich points out how the experimental jab is in clear violation of all ten of the Nuremberg Codes, which carry the penalty of death for those who violate them.


To support our educational and outreach work , please join Vaccine Choice Canada today. https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/

Rocco Galati – Vaccine Choice Canada https://www.constitutionalrightscentre.ca/1212-2/

We are a group of active duty and retired police officers who have assembled to create a haven of truth and justice for all members: https://policeonguard.ca/

To serve and protect, we stand united against the forced and coerced medical intervention of Canadians and against the discrimination

faced by those who have exercised their right to decide on their bodily autonomy: https://www.mounties4freedom.com/

General Cardiology
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Advanced Lipidology

Dr. Judy Mikovits has a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, doing her thesis on Negative Regulation of HIV Expression in Monocytes.
She had several papers published with Dr. Frank Ruscetti, with whom she continues to work.

After working at the National Cancer Institute, Judy Mikovits became research director of the Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI).

Covid-19 presentations?

Dr. Ryan Cole Diagnostics is an independent medical laboratory focused on providing meaningful and relevant information regarding your health. With the leadership and unique knowledge and skill set of Dr. Ryan Cole, our laboratory strives to reliably answer difficult clinical questions. Our areas of expertise include pathology and clinical laboratory services.

Zelenko Protocols against Covid-19
- Zelenko Protocol innovator: 99% survival of high risk Covid-19 patients
- Nominated for the Presidential Medal of Freedom
- Recognized as a hero at U.S. Senate Homeland Security committee hearing
- Published in top peer reviewed journals with world renowned physicians
- Provided counsel to White House personnel, multiple governments, hospitals, physicians, public figures
- Board Certified Family Physician with over 20 years experience
All research is published open source for public benefit.

Dr. Carrie Bio


Sdudied at kansas City University of Medicine and Bisciences.

Sdudied at kansas City University of Medicine and Bisciences:
The Moderna Images from Under Compound Microscope: https://carriemadej.com/slides-from-under-the-scope/
I'm a serial entrepreneur who has started multiple high tech companies.

You can DM me on twitter @stkirsch or send me an InMail on LinkedIn.

When COVID hit, I looked for what I could do that would make a difference.

I found that:

• Drug repurposing was the fastest, lowest-cost way to end the pandemic

• Treating the virus as early as possible was incredibly important (we should never be telling people to go home and do nothing)

• Nobody was funding the top scientists working on outpatient trials of repurposed drugs. The top drugs (like camostat) were not be funded at all

This is an epic failure of world governments and the WHO.

So I put in $1M of my own money and raised another $4M to start


Mike YeadonChief Scientific Advisor at Undisclosed at presentUniversity of Surrey Undisclosed at presentCanterbury, England, United Kingdom
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Dark Winter

About the Exercise

On June 22-23, 2001, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies, the ANSER Institute for Homeland Security, and the Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention Terrorism, hosted a senior-level war game examining the national security, intergovernmental, and information challenges of a biological attack on the American homeland. (See also: Dark Winter Script • Article: Shining Light on Dark Winter)

With tensions rising in the Taiwan Straits, and a major crisis developing in Southwest Asia, a smallpox outbreak was confirmed by the CDC in Oklahoma City. During the thirteen days of the game, the disease spread to 25 states and 15 other countries. Fourteen participants and 60 observers witnessed terrorism/warfare in slow motion. Discussions, debates (some rather heated), and decisions focused on the public health response, lack of an adequate supply of smallpox vaccine, roles and missions of federal and state governments, civil liberties associated with quarantine and isolation, the role of DoD, and potential military responses to the anonymous attack. Additionally, a predictable 24/7 news cycle quickly developed that focused the nation and the world on the attack and response. Five representatives from the national press corps (including print and broadcast) participated in the game and conducted a lengthy press conference with the President. See briefing slides.
Key Players

• President: The Hon. Sam Nunn

• National Security Advisor: The Hon. David Gergen

• Director of Central Intelligence: The Hon. R. James Woolsey

• Secretary of Defense: The Hon. John White

• Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff: General John Tilelli (USA, Ret.)

• Secretary of Health & Human Services: The Hon. Margaret Hamburg

• Secretary of State: The Hon. Frank Wisner

• Attorney General: The Hon. George Terwilliger

• Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency: Mr. Jerome Hauer

• Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation: The Hon. William Sessions

• Governor of Oklahoma: The Hon. Frank Keating

• Press Secretary of Gov. Frank Keating (OK): Mr. Dan Mahoney

• Correspondent, NBC News: Mr. Jim Miklaszewski

• Pentagon Producer, CBS News: Ms. Mary Walsh

• Reporter, British Broadcasting Corporation: Ms. Sian Edwards

• Reporter, The New York Times: Ms. Judith Miller

• Reporter, Freelance: Mr. Lester Reingold

Vials labeled "Smallpox" found in Pennsylvania lab freezer have no trace of virus, CDC says

Bill Gates warns of smallpox terror attacks as he seeks research funds

Bill Gates warned that bioterrorism could be a bigger threat than naturally occurring epidemics

Thomas Kingsley


Here are THE CRIMINALS OF COVID 19 - Its time to take them down!
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