Voter Integrity Data Analyst Endorses Joey Gilbert for Governor of Nevada Bobby Piton-Vote Team Joey

2 years ago

Illinois Senate candidate Bobby Piton has announced his endorsement of Joey Gilbert for Governor of Nevada.

Piton has used his mathematical background to provide data analysis of voting records in voter integrity cases around the country. His data-centric approach is used to investigate ballot anomalies in the 2020 general election. Piton’s tireless efforts on behalf of fair, free elections in states like Arizona and Nevada helped garner endorsements from the likes of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (USA-Ret.).

The Illinois Senate candidate is endorsing Gilbert because of their shared interest in promoting election integrity. Piton said Joey Gilbert has shown he believes in hard work and discipline by fighting for the people of Nevada as an attorney.

He explains Nevada has serious issues with voter fraud and he is determined to help Gilbert cleanse the state's election system.

"It all starts with voter fraud, folks," said Piton. "I'm going to do everything I can to help with the data."

Piton notes Nevada's population has increased by 400,000 in the last decade, which is an increase of approximately 14.8 percent. He then revealed the number of people registering to vote in Nevada between 2010 and 2020 increased 169 percent!

"So, how could you have the population go up by 15 percent and the number of voters go up by 11 times as many?" asked an incredulous Piton. "How do you explain that, unless there's structural fraud and corruption?"

He said people like that tried to steal our country in the last election, adding we need to have good people like Gilbert step up and fight for the rest of us.

"You need someone who is not going to back down and is going to take a couple punches and keep fighting to finally knock out the criminals who are doing this to us," Piton said.

The candidate from Illinois advised Gilbert supporters to do more than just vote for him. He told them to tell at least 10 friends to also vote for him and share campaign material across their socials.

"They don't want someone like Joey fighting for you," said Piton. "So, unless we go and take this problem on creatively, our voice is going to be silenced."

"And, we can't take that kind of knockout."

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