WND Exclusive - What Happened to Covid Skepticism?

Published December 16, 2021 2,742 Views

by: Brent Smith

Congress paused this past Tuesday to reflect on a milestone - 800,000 Covid deaths.

And Great Britain recently announced the first Omicron variant death. As far as I can see, this is the one and only. And that assumes that this is believable. Personally I don’t.

But no matter - now that the decidedly non-lethal Omicron variant has claimed its first and only victim, the natural inclination is for our authoritarian leaders to issue more mandates – masks, distancing – maybe even closures. In other words, any excuse to abridge our constitutionally affirmed freedoms.

What I find so fascinating is that it has only taken a year or so for the entire country – both left as well as right – to simply forget just how bogus these Covid numbers were and are still - just how much we’ve been lied to just about the number of deaths.

If memory serves me correctly, maybe 6 to 8 months (maybe less) after we first heard of the Covid virus, I and many others were reporting about the bold-faced lies being broadcast about how many deaths were attributed to Covid.

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