Episode 3: Mandates, Mandates, Mandates!

1 year ago

Former newsmen Howard and Corrin discuss Livingston County's decision not to enforce the new state mask mandate, Corrin's motion in federal court for an injunction against the new regs, the need for Nuremberg 2, and many other topics– and they publicly invite Gov. Kathy Hochul to be a guest on an upcoming show. 46 minutes of excitement!

Here are links to some of the things discussed in the video.

1. Corrin's amended complaint filed in federal court in October is here:

2. His motion for an injunction against the new state regs filed on Dec. 13, 2021 is here:


3. For more on the US military experiments with spraying bacteria in San Francisco and other places see:


4. The article about Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson can be found here:


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