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The Rise of A.I. Machines

The revolution in industrial mechanization has progressed at an astounding pace throughout the 19th century, spurred in part by technological improvements in machining tools, steam engines, and iron forging.

"Self-acting" machines, powered by steam or electricity, appeared to move of their own volition, accomplishing tasks once done only by human hands.

If we are not extremely careful, our society could easily fall into 'dangerous territory,' a less human world that forgets the preeminence of God. People are beginning to worship those machines.

The human ability to create a disastrously destructive AI that could end human existence, from brute-force calculations to adaptive learning.

AI could cause disruptions in the electric grid or may damage nuclear power plants when malfunctioned.

There are many risks and dangers that must be considered before proceeding into more production of AI, however, the concern, is it too late?

How many companies are already forging their way in?

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