1 year ago

Newsmaker, December 15, 2021, Dr Nick Waddy

January 6 update: WAPO reports that Hannity, Kilmeade and Ingraham at FOX, texted Pres Trump during the January 6 riots, telling him to tell the crowds to stop it, Waddy says he’s read reports that the prison conditions for Jan 6 inmates are very bad, the indoor mask mandate from Governor Kathy Hochul, the national crime rate is up and that might hurt the Democrats across the board, inflation won’t help either, this day in history: official 2011 “end” of Iraq War, 1978 US recognizes China and un-recognizes Taiwan, 1998 impeachment of Bill Clinton, 1791 bill of rights, Waddy says the phrase ‘that’s unconstitutional’ is overused.

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