EXCLUSIVE! Jan 6 Political Prisoner LIVE From DC Jail - Mom Fights VAXX Custody Battle

1 year ago

We have one of America’s very own political prisoners, calling in directly from the Washington D.C. gulag. Sean McHugh traveled from California to Washington D.C. to support his president. On January 6, he literally never set foot in the Capitol. He only demonstrated outside, against what he thinks was a stolen election. The worst thing McHugh allegedly did is spray a can of bear spray in the direction of some police officers. For that, he’s been hit with ten separate federal charges. He faces up to twenty years in prison if convicted. Sean McHugh joins us.

This is because modern leftism is operating as a religion, not a conventional political worldview. It’s a religion that ostracizes those who won’t join, and it’s a religion that imposes ritual requirements on people. In 2021, one of those rituals is vaccination. The science is actually pretty clear at this point: Children don’t die from coronavirus, not in any numbers worth worrying about. Stephanie Means is a mother currently in a custody battle over her son, and the vaccine has become a critical dispute. The boy’s father wants to jab their son.

Our next guest is named Doctor Paul Thomas, but you can just call him Dr. Paul. He’s treated more than ten thousand children over the past three decades, and has also raised nine children of his own. He’s published two books as well, but now the authorities are looking to end his career permanently because of his dissent from party orthodoxy on vaccinations.
Dr. Paul Thomas joins us.
You can support Dr. Paul’s effort by going to Drpaulsfight.com.

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