1 year ago


Operation Freedom of Choice (FL):

An organization formed by Firefighters from across the state that has unified AGAINST vaccination mandates and FOR the right to choose.

We are active duty, volunteer, and reserve firefighters that have united to support front-line workers and EVERY AMERICAN’s Freedom of Choice.

Our organization is NOT anti-vaccination.
We are committed to a community, a state, a nation that supports every person’s Constitutional and God-Given right to Choose.

To choose for themselves whether the COVID Vaccination, Booster, or any testing equipment is appropriate for their body.

We support any elected official in leadership that understands that this fundamental right must not be violated. We support all employees (fire, military, first responder, front-line workers, union, government, trade, public, etc) and their freedom from discriminatory practices, loss of career, or any other impunity for exercising this, their right to choose.

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