1 year ago

Wlea Newsmaker, December 14, 2021, Dr Gary Ostrower

Dr Gary Ostrower says the USA is not obligated to help the Ukraine but that Russia is in violation of the U.N. rules right now. host O’Neil asks, is it smart for talking heads and pols, to verbally push around Putin, in the media, Ostrower says that he doesn’t feel that Putin is getting pushed around verbally, January 6th commission update, over 300 witnesses have been called to speak so far, Ostrower says he doubts the stories about unfair prison conditions of the January 6th prisoners , Chris Wallace is leaving Fox for CNN – Ostrower thinks it’ll be a good fit for Wallace, this day in history – 1939 – USSR expelled from the league of nations…Ostrower is asked, “How much were the German soliders into believing in Nazism in WWII, and how much were the Soviet soldiers into believing in communism in WWII?” Ostrower says most German soldiers were probably believers in Nazism, In1961 – kennedy says he’s sending more troops into Vietnam, 800 were there in 1961, 16,000 by the end of 1963, 1863 – Lincoln pardons his sister in law, Mary Todd Lincoln’s sister was married to a Confederate General, and Lincoln gave her a pardon.

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