Anna - AstraZeneca: Miscarriage at 16 wks blood clots in the Umbilical Cord

Published December 14, 2021 5,143 Views

Anna Hogan
AstraZeneca October 2021
Miscarriage at 16 weeks due to blood clots in the umbilical cord

Anna, 26 Years old started experiencing adverse reactions right after receiving her 1st jab of AstraZeneca. She was told that it was safe in pregnancy, but sadly lost her son at 16 weeks' gestation due to blood clots in the umbilical cord, confirmed by the Hospital.

She was mandated to get the vaccine for her job and was due to get Pfizer although was given AstraZeneca, they knew she was pregnant when giving the vaccine and was told it was safe although when it was too late and after losing her baby she was told she should not have been given AstraZeneca.

Anna Telling her story in this Heart-breaking VIDEO

The Tale of a Mothers Broken Heart can be viewed on


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