Workers @ Breaking Point | #TrialTracker Saga | #JournalismIsNotACrime | How Did We Miss That? Ep 15

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2 years ago

Story 1 - More Evidence of Workers at the Breaking Point
☃️ New Orleans Has A Trash Problem. Thanks To Climate Change, Your City Probably Will, Too: Drew Hawkins, Scalawag Magazine via Popular Resistance
☃️ Australia: Sydney bus drivers strike over pay and conditions: Martin Scott, WSWS
☃️ 'I'm Asking You To Help': Amazon Employee Describes 'Sheer Brutality' of Work to Senators: Jessica Corbett, CommonDreams

Story 2 - Our Viral Tweet & the Rabbit Hole of the Maxwell TrialTracker Twitter Account Shut Down
Link to the first tweet in the thread:
☃️ Epstein's Connections in Fashion, Media and Entertainment: The Free Press Report

Story 3 - Environmental Stuff
☃️ Benton Harbor, Michigan water crisis: More of the same toxic politics: Luke Galvin, WSWS
☃️ All The PFAS Docs: Download'em & Weep: Erin Brockovich & Suzanne Boothby
☃️ Billionaire Used Massive Oil Spill to Avoid Paying Income Tax for 14 Years: Jesse Eisinger, Paul Kiel and Jeff Ernsthausen, ProPublica

Story 4 - Journalism is not a Crime!
☃️ Julian Assange Loses Appeal: British High Court Accepts U.S. Request to Extradite Him for Trial: Glenn Greenwald
☃️ Exclusive: Craig Murray On His Experience In Prison: Mohamed Elmaazi, The Dissenter, ShadowProof

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