The Obama Years | First Black President | CRT | Tokenism

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1 year ago

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In this video we examine Barak Obama's comments mocking Parents across the nation who oppose Critical Race Theory(CRT). Even though the FBI is treating parents who show to their local school board to voice their opposition to CRT, labeling these parents as Domestic Terrorist. Even though CRT teaches children Racism, and pit one another against each other...

As Malcom X said, "You should ask your self, Who taught you to hate yourself, to the point you hate being around everyone who looks like you?"

Malcom X brilliant points out, Liberals have always used Racism, and Domestic and International Terrorism as a weapon to gain or take power, to divide and conquer. White Liberals to this day use minorities, including the Black community as pawns or a football in struggle for power against other Whites who call themselves conservatives. White Liberals will use black leaders as Tokens or Tokenism to control the followers as pawns in the Struggle for power against their White Conservative Brothers and Sisters.

Martin Luther King Jr was the antithesis to Malcom X who preached none violent protest to win equal rights under the law and remove the barriers of segregation, to integrate into the American Fabric. Who was right?

So the question is why does Obama support Critical Race Theory, why are the Democrats in general supporting Critical Race Theory?

To answer this question, rather than focus on CRT, let's look at who Barak Obama the Former Democratic 44th President of the United States. And the Obama Administration, which include Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. Who are their supporters, where to they come from what do we know about these people.

Obama himself is not even related to African Americans who endured slavery, and lived threw reconstruction, the great depression, and WW1,WW2, and the civil rights movement during the on going Cold War, which was a war on Global Communism. Barak Obama's father came from Kenya, and his mother was a Liberal White Woman from Kansas, who parents help raise Barak Obama in Hawaii when his Kenyan Father Abandoned Obama and his mother, and when his own mother went abroad to Kenya and South Africa leaving Barak Obama behind in Hawaii. Yet, when Obama left Hawaii and moved to Chicago, Obama attended Law School, and adopted the African American community in Chicago as his community/identity.

During Obama's Collage years, he changed his name to Berry Obama, and joined the Black Student Union. Shortly after Collage, Obama was hired by Bill Ayers (a convicted Domestic Terrorist of the Weather Underground who Bombed the Pentagon and many other government buildings), to lead the Chicago Annenberg Challenge chapter of the Annenberg Challenge...

Walter Annenberg was a US Ambassador under Regan and several other Presidents. Walter Annenberg was a Media Mogul who sold Triangle Publications (TV Guide, Daily Racing Form and a few other publications) to Australian publishing magnate Rupert Murdoch in 1988 for $3 billion (a record media price at the time) which Rupert Murdoch combined the Annenberg Media assets with Sky News to create Fox News. Walter Annenberg announcing that he would devote his life to philanthropy. Where he founded the Annenberg Foundation, and several Media Schools ie Annenberg established the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania and the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California

One of the Annenberg Foundation philanthropic(political agenda) donations $500 million was gifted to the Bill Clinton Adminstration who then created many chapters of the Annenberg Challenge, which funded the Chicago Annenberg Challenge(CAC) with about $50 million appointing Bill Ayers as the chairman of the Board of Directors, who then hired Barak Obama as a member of the board of directors... Bill Ayers and Barak Obama also served on several other boards of Directors including the Woods Foundation of Chicago, and allocated money to varies Chicago based operations including Acorn, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago lead by Jeremiah Wright.

According a 2008 CNN Report, the primary objectives of the CAC and the Woods Foundation was to fund alternative Education programs including CRT(Critical Race Theory) Black African American Studies, Black History, ext in order to create programs which were designed to create anti-american Radical Activists, instead of the foundation of what we call Education, Reading Writing and Arithmetic. Just as Acorn was designed to rig the vote to install Radical's into office, Obama's career as community organizer was spent corrupting Education to create Radicals. Bill Ayers talks about the importance of Education as a Human Right, but this is code for Indoctrination into Marxism, and other Radical ideals to create the next generation of Anti-American Activist. Which explains the Democrats and Progressives agenda to incorporate LGBT'ism, and CRT into Common Core to replace our Education systems curriculum. Apparently this is a United Nations (UN) agenda to destroy and replace nationalism with Globalism, and New World Order, ie a One World Government, aka Global Communism, threw psychological warfare.

In this video we also look at Several of Obama Administration Officials role in the Obama Administration, which include Former President Bill & Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary Clintons role in the Obama Admin as Secretary of State, where many pay to play schemes were revealed threw wiki leaks, and investigative reported which uncovered Uranium One, the sell of America's Uranium supply and production to Russia, and its use in Weapons of Mass Destruction Research and Development in Iran, China, Russia, North Korea ext.

We also learned about then Vice President Joe Biden's role in facilitating Ukraine & China Burisma energy deal, while enriching himself, and other Democrats, prior to his run for President in 2020.

In this video we also briefly review Jeffery Epsitens relationship with the Clintons, and Clinton Foundation, Democrats and the Obama Adminstration as well other Hollywood Donor's such as Harvey Weinstein who were at the heart of the #me2 movement exposing Hollywood Liberals as Hypocrite and contributing to the scourge of Human Trafficking. As Hillary's emails were exposed, we see most if not all of the Democrats may have been blackmailed, or willing participants in the coverup, and ongoing use of black mail in Domestic and International Politics. While this video does not a lot of time on this subject you can see many other videos which elaborate on this point.

Of course there is much much more to the Jeffery Epstien and Ghislaine Maxwell story, which includes many international Political Figures & Scandals such as Prince Andrews, the point his all of this is intertwined, and not a coincidence. I've pointed out in other videos the Media & Tech's role in censoring and suppressing real information by spreading false information and a narrative. If any one argues with the the Narrative they are usually labeled as false information, fake news, or a crack pot conspiracy theorist ext. But this only proves the critics point(s). But in order to avoid being censored on YT/FB ext and for time consideration I've neglected to add this information in this video.

In sum,

The Obama Years have proven how toxic Identity Politics are and could be worse going forward if we allow it...

The cold war never really ended, aka the war on Global Communism, the enslavement of the worlds people, never really ended. In George Orwells final interview he said,

"If you want a picture of the future imagine a picture of a boot stamping on a face forever, the moral to be drawn from this dangerous nightmare situation, is a simple one, don't let it happen, it depends on you."

This is why we should not allow CRT, LGBT'ism, Common Core into the Education Systems Curriculum, these are tools of Psychological Warfare, The Seeds of Sedition. The war for Hearts & Minds.

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