Watch Andrew Kaufman Trigger Judy Mikovits by Simply Stating the FACTS - AND SHE LOSES IT! 72777

2 years ago

I really hope you can see what just went on there. It's undeniable what they are trying to do at this point; "they" are DESPERATELY trying to stop the hemorrhage of the truth which is completely exposing their fraudulent medical DOGMA.
THIS is what it's REALLY all about folks, DR KAUFMAN is correct, If we don't stop this fraud called Germ/Virus Theory NOW, then we'll just be victims of yet another after another false pandemic based on yet another fairy-tale bogey-man "virus"(or "variant"), with a push for mandatory toxic injections for generations to come. And it won't be bi-yearly or even monthly "boosters" they'll call for but most likely WEEKLY injections or possibly DAILY. (Watch the 2020 TV series "Brave New World" - THIS is where it all leads...They ALWAYS SHOW YOU in THEATRE what "The Plan" is, ALWAYS!)

But if we rip the throat out of Germ/Virus Theory RIGHT NOW, while their jugular is exposed, and doubt it not, it is exposed as never before, THEN WE'RE FREE! Otherwise you can kiss ALL your freedoms goodbye. You better hope that I'm never seen as a prophet of any sort, because that would only mean one thing - that what I said HAS HAPPENED. And it only happens if there's not enough of me spreading the truth - DO YOUR FRICKIN' PART!

Please tell me you get this.


And I think the guy narrating this exchange of Good vs Evil between Kaufman and Mikovits was being kind by giving Mikovits an out as merely being a duped ignoramus, because to me it's quite obvious,
Judy Mikovits is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION (Even if she is only a duped ignoramus - the result is still the same.)


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